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Would you like a water heater that conserves energy, saves you money, and gives you a reliable hot water supply? Look no further Georgian Home Comfort of Barrie has you covered. Our professional hot water tank installers can help with a variety of High-Efficient Water Heaters available, and will help you select the one that best fits your home and budget.

Natural Gas and Propane Water Heater Tank Installers

Natural gas water heaters are a safe and efficient water heater option when installed properly and maintained regularly. Natural gas water heaters have a faster hot water recovery than other water heaters, and are a more reliable system of traditional water heater. Georgian Home Comfort of Orillia can help you choose the right heater for your family’s needs. We offer options to rent a water tank or to purchase a hot water tank and we are always here to provide repair or regular maintenance to your hot water system.

Natural Gas and Propane Tankless Water Heater Installers

Never run out of hot water for your entire home and watch your utility costs drop. Sound too good to be true? It’s not! With a Rinnai Tankless Water Heater, you and your family will enjoy a continuous water heating system that will make your home feel like a spa. With its smart design and reliable performance, Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters produce hot water on-demand using space-saving equipment design, saving you space and money.

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10 Things to Know About Tankless Water Heaters 



Barrie Tankless
How Tankless works Barrie

The choice of water heaters should be preceded by a comprehensive analysis of all the options: tank vs. tankless, gas vs. electric, brand vs. brand, model vs. model. Let’s look at 10 factors your Georgian Home Comfort team can help you consider in evaluating tankless water heaters for your home.

1. Tankless water heaters solve the capacity problem. The most important advantage of tankless water heater systems is that it provides an endless supply of hot water to your family. That’s because tankless systems instantaneously heat the water based on immediate demand, whereas tank systems can temporarily run out of hot water after heavy use. One thing you don’t need is a cold shower or a soaker tub half full.

2. Tankless water heaters save space. Tankless units typically occupy 40–60% less space than the comparable hot water tank. This is especially important since the energy code requires 80%  efficiency with new home construction.

3. Tankless water heaters are easy to install and provide reliable hot water service. Tankless units can be installed in most homes using the same venting systems used for your high-efficiency gas furnace.


4. Tankless water heaters score high on energy efficiency. The U.S. Energy Department standard for measuring energy efficiency in similar types of water heaters is the uniform energy factor or UEF. The higher the UEF, the more energy efficient the water heater is.

According to Energy Star, gas tankless water heaters have a UEF of at least 0.87 to as high as 0.97 for the most efficient gas units, known as condensing gas models, which use a second heat exchanger to heat water with the exhaust gas. Electric tankless water heaters have a UEF of 0.96 to 0.99, while the UEF of commercial tank water heaters can range from 0.80 to 0.90 according to Energy Star. 

5. Tankless heaters have a reasonable payback period. Tankless water heaters cost anywhere from 20-30% more upfront vs. tank systems, although this premium comes down significantly—and can even disappear with the price of hot water tanks increasing.

Tankless systems can save 15-25% on energy costs compared to hot water tanks, depending on the type, the brand, and specific product and model features. Your Georgian Home Comfort Team expert can help you look at various systems you may be considering.

6. Tankless water heaters can contribute to a reduction in your carbon footprint. 

As we learn more about how we affect our environment on a daily bases. We look to the future and how we can reduce our need for nonrenewal products.


7. Tankless water heaters have a long lifespan. According to the DOE (https://bit.ly/3b0jqO6), most tankless water heaters will last more than 20 years; with proper maintenance, comparable tank units average 10-15 years. That’s because tankless units don’t have the most common point of failure in tank units—the tank itself. Check the warranty for labor, parts, and heat exchanger coverage.

8. Tankless water heaters may soon be required by code. Tankless units may become a necessity, not a choice, as energy-efficiency codes become tougher. New homes now require tank units with a low UEF (0.80 or less) and tanks fail to meet more restrictive provinces or local energy codes in the near future.

9. Tankless systems are relatively easy to maintain. The maintenance needs of tankless water heaters depend largely on the quality of the water being fed into them. Hard water can leave mineral deposits on heat exchange elements. When hard water is the only alternative, install a water softening system. Tank water heaters, which store large volumes of water, are more susceptible to mineral buildup than tankless models.

Navien uses stainless steel heat exchangers that are more resistant to corrosion from minerals in the water than the more commonly used copper tubing.

Polluted air and contaminated combustion also can be a problem in gas units, as air drawn in for combustion can leave deposits in the heat exchange chambers. Proper installation steps should be taken to assure clean combustion air for gas-fired appliances. Also, gas models with stainless steel heat exchangers will resist corrosion more effectively. For optimal operation, the combustion elements should be cleaned during scheduled annual maintenance with Georgian Home Comfort.

10. Tankless units today are getting smarter and smarter.  Navien is adding Wi-Fi capability to many models that allow you to monitor and adjust the tankless remotely. Check with your Georgian Home Comfort advisor, as the technology is getting more sophisticated almost by the minute.